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Kubismus is a go package that makes it easy to display status metrics using Cubism.js. ("Kubismus" is the German word for "cubism".)

Checkout the sample code: ktest.go

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Defining the HTTP Handler

To get started with all defaults, simply register the HTTP handler and serve HTTP:

go http.ListenAndServe(":8080", nil)

This creates an endpoint at http://localhost:8080/kubismus that will register information you log.

If you need a custom endpoint, use kubismus.ServeHTTP directly:

http.Handle("/", http.HandlerFunc(kubismus.ServeHTTP))

Adding Data

Kubismus shows graphs and a table of data. You can add entries to these at any time. To add an entry to the table that shows the number of goroutines:

kubismus.Note("Goroutines", fmt.Sprintf("%d", runtime.NumGoroutine()))

To add an entry to a graph:

kubismus.Metric("Metric Name", count, value)

By default, each metric has a count, average, and sum graph. To configure which graphs to show, use the Define method:

kubismus.Define("Posts", kubismus.COUNT, "HTTP Posts")
kubismus.Define("Posts", kubismus.SUM, "Bytes Posted")

Adding metrics and table entries use channels and are thread-safe. Graphs for new metrics may not appear until a browser refresh.

Customizing the Title

You can configure the status page's icon and title:

kubismus.Setup("My Cool Utility", "/web/kubismus36.png")