A smart-template based file creator and test runner for PSR-0 name-spaced class and test files (Languages currently supported: PHP with phpUnit, python, and js with js-test-driver)
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#LiveUnit (beta)

####A smart-template-based file creator and test runner for PSR-0 name-spaced class and test files

###Features ####File Creation

  • File creation is governed by "Smart Templates." Variables set in the settings file get read, manipulated by a command defined in a .variables file, and inserted into a template. Smart templates for projects using php in conjuction with phpUnit are provided.

    (Templates for other languages might be added in future versions but could be created by the user for now.)

  • Create new PSR-0 namespaced classes and their corresponding tests with the help of "smart templates".
    Type option + command + n to open the file creation panel and enter the new file name. Folders are created automatically. alt text If your test files live in a separate directory tree that mirrors your source code directory tree, the test files are automatically placed in the correctdirectory-branch.

    if /MyProject/library/ is your code base and /MyProjec/libraryTest/ is the root of all your test files, the test file for
    /MyProject/library/aae/mvc/Controller.php will be

  • Easyly create tests while editing a class or vice versa by pressing option + command + tab.
    If both the test and the class file already exist, option + command + tab toggles back and forth between the two alt text

####Unit Testing

  • Run tests for this class without leaving the editor by pressing option + command + u. alt text

  • Run a test suite without leaving the editor by pressing option + command + shift + u. alt text

Known issues: Currently only key-bindings for Mac exist.

I am a freelance software engineer, if this plugin is useful to you, please considder supporting me with a donation!

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