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Unofficial python client library for *official* 9GAG API. (alpha)
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Documentation is here:

So I'm sick and tired with web apps. I want normal adequate desktop apps for all the things.

Same relates to 9GAG. Everyone says there's no official API for 9GAG, but of course there is - you just need to go deeper.

Here's what I did in 20 minutes:

  • Decompiling 9GAG app for Android and digging within its JS sources (that's right - JavaScript, not Java: 9GAG app seems to be written in React Native.) to find the logic for signing requests.
  • Dumping HTTP traffic with spoofed SSL certificates to see actual request & response bodies.

So far there seem to be multiple domains used including,,, and I was able to make my own requests and retrieve the data I want.

Any fellow coders willing to contribute to this? We would be the first ones to reverse-engineer an actual 9GAG API. How cool is that?

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