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This project is dedicated, in its entirety, to my beloved Tara.

Reading Umineko together, with this patch, while it was still being worked on, was one of my best -- and, tragically, last -- memories with her. It is a memory I will treasure forever.

My original decision was to preserve everything about that experience, as perfectly as possible. That included the imperfections of the patch, the various minor text issues here and there.

This decision still stands, in part. However, I also now realise that she wouldn't want our hard work to be abandoned in an unfinished state, that she would want others to experience a truly "perfect" version of this incredible story.

So I shall do both. The master branch is left as-is, untouched, at the day of her passing, save for this notice at the top. The release that most closely corresponds to this state is v9.9.99999.

All of the new development on this project shall happen on the rebirth branch.

Rest in peace, Tara.

And may you live on in everyone's hearts, for all eternity. May your name be forever engraved on the cold steel of the Web. May its sound endlessly permeate its cables and frequencies.

I love you, my heart.

Note: the canonical link for this project is If you wish to link to this project, please use this link. However, you are free -- in fact, encouraged -- to re-host/mirror the downloads for the project on alternate sources, as long as you backlink to the canonical URL.

Note 2: the project is finished. It provides a fully English-translated experience with the game. I remain available for fixing bugs, typos, and installation support, but no new features will be added to the project. This also means I will not update the patch for working with any re-release of Umineko that may happen in the future.

English patch for Umineko Catbox

This is an English patch for Umineko When They Cry: The Symphony of Catbox and Dreams.

This patch is meant to be used on the actual console release of the game. It is not a standalone application.


Besides me, the following people have directly contributed to this project:

  • My beloved heart, Tara, who was the brightest star that ever shone in my life. Rest in peace, my love.
  • @DoctorDiablo, translating the Witch Hunter's Interview Tape story.
  • @silverwolf-waltz, helping port over the translations for Hane and Saku.
  • @Quplet, providing help with porting some of the main episodes.
  • @DerJaybe, helping with translating images and creating the project logo.
  • LHCollider, helping with testing.

Furthermore, this patch would be impossible without the resources and tools provided by the the following projects:

  • kaleido by Neurochitin, which can decompile and recompile the SNR script format used by the game, as well as generate the patch.rom files that can be used to replace files in the base game.
  • enter_extractor by TellowKrinkle, which can extract files from the base game's data.rom format, as well as generate pic and txa files used to store the game's images.
  • HigurashiENX by MasaGratoR, which is a similar translation patch for the console version of Higurashi. Specifically, the IPS patch generation scripts from that project were used to translate some of the text hardcoded into the executables of the game.
  • Umineko Project, a similar translation work done for the PS3 version of Umineko, which serves as the base for the translated script and images used in the patch.
  • Umineko Tsubasa English Patch, which served as the initial source for the translation of the Tsubasa arcs present in the PC version (these were heavily edited to be consistent with the main story as well as with each other).
  • ArsMagica's English patch for Hane, now lost to time, which served as the initial source for the translation of the Hane arcs.
  • The 07th-Expansion wiki, which had a translation for Our Confession as well as most of the new Tsubasa stories.
  • A random person who just showed up on the Hinamizawa Discord one day with the nickname of "last-note", dumped a full translation of Last Note, and left.
  • The original translation of the PC version of Umineko by The Witch Hunt. While their work isn't being used directly, without these people Umineko would have never made it to the West in any form at all.
  • And, of course, the game itself, created by 07th-Expansion and producted (sic) by Entergram. Please buy the game to support the creators.
    • There are also a few various versions of Umineko native to PC. How good they are varies depending on the version you dig up, but none of them properly support the creators, none of them are compatible with this patch, and all of them have various missing content compared to the console release of the game.
      • This includes the Steam version, as it is a re-release of the old indie version of Umineko, and as such does not include any of the console version's improvements. Because of this, buying this release does not help support the creators of the console version in any way, though it does help support the author and the original creator of the series, Ryukishi07. The Steam version is also not compatible with this patch.

Applying the patch

The game, and this patch, can be played in a few ways:

  • On PCs, using yuzu or Ryujinx
  • On Macs, using Ryujinx
  • On select Android devices, using yuzu
  • On CFW-capable consoles, using Atmosphère

Additionally, promising future developments exist for the game. These do not currently work, but likely will in the future:

  • An ENTERGRAM engine source port, shin.

Please follow the below instructions to get the patch set up.

No matter the platform you play on, you will need a copy of the base game and the decryption keys for it. Game updates are optional, the patch applies cleanly regardless of the game's version.

To comply with US laws, you have to buy the game and dump it using nxdumptool from a CFW-capable console to obtain a legal copy for emulation. Software distribution laws in other countries may vary.

On PC (using yuzu)

yuzu is compatible with the game and the patch.

To set yuzu up, you will need a copy of your encryption keys dumped from a CFW-capable console, and the game itself. Once you have acquired the keys, navigate to File -> Open yuzu folder, then find the subfolder called "keys" inside that and paste the file there. Restart yuzu and double-click the giant empty rectangle in the main yuzu window to add your game folder.

To install the patch, download the yuzu version,
then right-click the game in yuzu, choose "Open Mod Data Location" and extract the entire archive there.

You may now start the game in yuzu and play it in English.

On PC/Mac (using Ryujinx)

Ryujinx is compatible with the game and the patch.

To set Ryujinx up, you will need a copy of your encryption keys dumped from a CFW-capable console as well as that console's firmware, and the game itself. Having acquired these, you may follow their guide to finish your configuration and add the game to Ryujinx, but please ignore the "Managing mods" section as this patch has a somewhat more complicated structure and cannot be simply added to a per-game folder like they recommend.

To install the patch, download the Atmosphère version (Ryujinx is 100% Atmosphère-compatible),
then choose File -> Open Ryujinx Folder. Navigate to the "mods" directory and extract the entire archive to that location. If the "mods" directory does not exist, create it first.

You may now start the game in Ryujinx and play it in English.

On Android (using yuzu)

Some Android devices may be able to run the game using yuzu's Android port, though the current system requirements are rather high by Android standards: the device has to have a Snapdragon CPU and at least 8GB of RAM.

Just like on PC, you will need a copy of your encryption keys. yuzu will ask you for their location on its first run. It will also ask you to specify the folder in which the game is located. For performance reasons, I recommend not putting the game on an SD card unless you absolutely have to, keep it in your internal storage.

Once the initial setup is done, run the base game (in Japanese) at least once and exit it. This will allow you to confirm that your device can actually run the game, and also create some required files necessary for the patch installation to work.

You may now download the yuzu version of the patch,
and extract it somewhere on your device.

Now return to yuzu, and in the settings menu tap "Open yuzu folder". Pull out the menu on the left, switch to "Internal Storage" (or "SD Card") and find the extracted mod files. Tap and hold the UminekoCatboxEnglish folder to select it, and choose "Copy to..." from the kebab menu on top. Pull out the left panel again, tap "yuzu" and navigate to load/01006A300BA2C000/, then click the "Copy" button to install the patch.

The next time you start the game, it will be in English.

On the actual hardware

If you want to play the game on your console, it will need Atmosphère installed on it. If you don't have Atmosphère already, please see if it's compatible with your console model and install it if it is. Afterwards, download the Atmosphère version of the patch and copy it to the "atmosphere" folder on your SD card. The next time the game starts, it should be in English.

Alternative translations

There is a fair number of translations of Umineko to other languages that are based on this patch.

Note that these are completely unrelated to me. I cannot guarantee their accuracy or even basic functionality. I will not help you get these working, nor will I answer any questions about them.

If you wish to create your own fan translation, please check the documentation here. I will most likely not be able to provide any assistance beyond what's written in these docs.


If you find a bug in the patch, please use the issue tracker. If you have a question, please use the forums. Note that any modifications to the game that aren't translation-related are explicitly out of scope of this project, please refrain from making such requests. This includes fixing the couple of bugs that are present in the original Japanese release.