Uniform contrast light/dark colorscheme for Vim (GUI and 256 color terminal).
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Uniform contrast light and dark colorscheme for Vim (GUI, true-color and 256-color terminals).

This colorscheme is heavily inspired by solarized, gruvbox and lucius.

I like the idea, solarized based on: 8 monotonous and 8 accent colours, where accent colours are chosen to present even contrast, high identifiability and readability. But it wasn't implemented very well in solarized, in my opinion, mainly due to very low contrast. So I have decided to reimplement those ideas.

Differences from solarized:

  • unicon has higher contrast;
  • accent colours have actually the same contrast to background;
  • different set of accent colours for light and dark variants of colorscheme;
  • highlighting of syntax groups is different;
  • There are not language- and plugin-specific syntax for now.


  1. Copy colors/unicon.vim to directory ~/.vim/colors/ or better use any of plugin manager: vim-plug, NeoBundle, Vundle или Pathogen.

  2. Append to ~/.vimrc:

    set background=light  " or dark
    colorscheme unicon

    You can toggle between light and dark variants using commands:

    :set background=light
    :set background-dark

True colors in terminal

If your terminal supports true colors add this line to ~/.vimrc before the line setting colorscheme.

set termguicolors


Light unicon_light

Dark unicon_dark