A set of simple and nice examples developed by 🇮🇹 Andrea Binello (“andbin”) about the ☕️ Java programming language
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Java programming language Built with Apache Ant Built with Apache Maven MIT License

Java Examples by andbin

The Java Examples project is exclusively developed by Andrea Binello (“andbin”) to provide a set of valid, useful and enjoyable examples about the Java programming language, the Java SE (Standard Edition) framework and other libraries/frameworks.

See the Table of contents


The following are the overall features of the examples:

  • generally short (in average 2 to 6 Java source files)
  • very well written (following standard code and naming conventions)
  • code commented in english language
  • self contained (no dependencies on other examples, no particular editor/IDE requirements)
  • provided with screenshots for GUI (Graphical User Interface) examples
  • provided with a build.xml file for building with Apache Ant or with a pom.xml for building with Apache Maven (for more complex examples)


All the examples are licensed under the MIT License, a very permissive free software license. See the full text of the license:

You can also see here or here.


Any useful comment, critique, suggestion about my Java Examples is always welcome. Feel free to contact me, even if you just have mere doubts or understanding problems on the code of my examples.