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Readme file for simple program to run sentiment analysis on US Airline Twitter data set

Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, Naive Bayes and simple convolutional network used

Included in the rep should be the following:

  • - run script from where the algorithms are executed
  • - utilities used by the script
  • data/ - location to move data resources to
  • word2vec_twitter_master/ - folder containing script and utilities to unpack download embedding model


Program and code is developed and tested on OSX Version 10.13.4 Anaconda built python 3.6 environment The following packages are required to successfully execute the code:

  • matplotlib .pyplot
  • pandas
  • numpy
  • gensim
  • sklearn .pipeline .metrics .feature_extraction .model_selection .linear_model .naive_bayes .svm
  • keras .utils .layers .preprocessing .models
  • spacy ("en_core_web_sm" model used)

Move "Tweets-ariline-sentiment.csv" to "data" folder

Embedded models, to make the glove and twitter embedding model work one must download and locate in the "data" folder:

GloVe Twitter 27b 200d pre-trained model (glove.twitter.27B.200d.txt):

Fredéric Godin Twitter 400mill 400d pre-trained model (word2vec_twitter_model.bin): - alternatively

Execution of the program

In the terminal navigate to the unpacked "sentimentanalysis" folder. Use the following syntax for execution **"python algorithm feature-set lemmatization(optional)"** eg. "python log 2" for Logistic regression model with bigram feature set. Lemmatization is optional, i.e. if not included no lemmatization will be made.

Available algorithms are:

  • "log" for LogisticRegression
  • "svm" for Support Vector Machine
  • "nb" for Multinomial Naive Bayes(for feature_sets 1-3) + Gaussian Naive Bayes(for feature_sets 4-6)
  • "neural" for network with conv1d layers ('only works with feature sets 4-6')

Available feature sets are:

  • "1" for unigram
  • "2" for bigram
  • "3" for combined uni+bigram
  • "4" for self embedding
  • "5" for GloVe Twitter embedding
  • "6" for Frederic Godin Twitter embedding
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