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ab-go Build Status

Inspired by apache ab testing tool. Created with golang.


  • File with post data strings
  • File with urls strings
  • Headers file
  • Real-time stats
  • Sends result to Slack

run ./ab-go for usage

run options:


Number of requests sended to server.


Number of concurrency requests in one batch.


String with post data


String with filename contains post data strings


String with filename contains urls strings


String with header


String with filename contains headers strings


Number of milliseconds request timeout


String with time duration. Enable cycled tests with sending results to graphics.
Sample values: "5m", "60s", "24h". Value "0" starts endless testing mode.
Run with this flag and open localhost:9999 (default port) in your browser
Data is updated every second.


Embedded web-server port. Used with -test flag


String with Slack endpoint url (incoming WebHoock) for sending results.


String of tested api name, who will be presented in results message in Slack. Used with -slack flag


Use HTTP KeepAlive feature


mkdir $GOPATH/src/ && cd $GOPATH/src/

git clone .


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