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<div class="l-grid intro">
<div class="l-grid-wide l-center-vert l-space-between intro__inner">
<h1>Hi, I'm <a href="/">Anders Grendstadbakk</a>.</h1>
<p>Enjoy creating websites and sharing stuff I figure out along the way</p>
<div class="me">
<div class="me__img">
<img src="/assets/anders.jpg" class="me__picture" alt="Picture of Anders" />
<section class="l-grid section latest">
<div class="l-grid-wide">
<h2 class="section__title">Latest writings</h2>
<div class="l-split">
{{#each collections.latestPosts}}
<article class="recent-post">
<h3 class="recent-post__title"><a class="latest__link" href="{{this.url}}">{{}}</a></h3>
<p class="recent-post__tldr">{{}}</p>
<p class="recent-post__meta">{{readableDate}}</p>
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