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golang curl(libcurl) binding.
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my golang libcurl(curl) binding.

  • under active development
  • by andelf

See more examples in ./examples/ directory~!

Current Development Statue

  • READ, WRITE, HEADER, PROGRESS function callback
  • a Multipart Form supports file uploading
  • Most curl_easy_setopt option
  • partly implement share & multi interface
  • new callback function prototype

How to Install

$ go get -u

Current Status

  • Linux x64
    • passed go1 (ArchLinux)
  • Windows x86
    • passed go1 (win7, mingw-gcc 4.5.2, curl 7.22.0)
  • Mac OS
    • passed go1 (Mac OS X 10.7.3, curl 7.21.4)

Sample Program

package main

import (

func main() {
    easy := curl.EasyInit()
    defer easy.Cleanup()

    easy.Setopt(curl.OPT_URL, "")

    // make a callback function
    fooTest := func (buf []byte, userdata interface{}) bool {
        println("DEBUG: size=>", len(buf))
        println("DEBUG: content=>", string(buf))
        return true

    easy.Setopt(curl.OPT_WRITEFUNCTION, fooTest)

    if err := easy.Perform(); err != nil {
        fmt.Printf("ERROR: %v\n", err)
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