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scmdecorator - Simple SCM folder decorator

Copyright © 2011 Anders Gustafsson, Cureos AB

Licensed and distributable under the terms of the EPL 1.0 license:

Git and Mercurial logos © 2009-2010 Open Icon Library,, released under CC BY-SA 3.0 license

Subversion logo © 2011 Apache Software Foundation,, available according to the Apache Trademark Policy


This is a simple console application for decorating version controlled folders. The application adds a short tooltip sentence indicating the software responsible for version control of the folder. Potentially, the folder icon is also changed to reflect the version control software in use.

The application is currently configured to identify Subversion, Git and Mercurial version controlled folders, but can easily be extended to support other SCM softwares as well, as long as this software requires a support directory with a specific name to be located within the version controlled folder.

For the smoothest user experience, the application should preferably be run by a user with administrative rights. The application has been tested on a 64-bit Windows 7 system.


To run the application, open the command prompt and cd to the application directory. Type

scmdecorator [path-to-version-controlled-folder]

If no path is specified, the application will prompt the user to enter the name of the version controlled folder.


Development of this application was inspired by a response to one of my StackOverflow questions from Stefan Kueng, lead developer of TortoiseSVN.