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Building Neural Nets From Scratch in 3 Chapters

- Pytorch Edition

Mandatory AI Brain Mandatory picture of AI Brain

In this session, we will cover how neural nets work and why libraries like Pytorch, Tensorflow and others are so useful in implementing them in practice!

We will start by understanding how a linear regression works and then implement one from scratch in our three chapters: plain Numpy, "raw" Pytorch and again in Pytorch with all the helpers enabled!

Then we'll build a simple neural net in Pytorch, both raw and high-level!

Slides are on Google Slides


What's a neural net all about?

  1. What's a neural net?

Implementing Linear Regression from scratch

  1. Regression from scratch in Numpy
  2. Regression from scratch in Pytorch

Let's build a Deep Learning model from scratch!

  1. DL in raw Pytorch
  2. DL in Pytorch
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