Python "port" of DocumentCloud's great Docsplit utility for splitting PDFs into text and images
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A simple Python wrapper of the great Docsplit utility from DocumentCloud

Please feel free to file issues, fork and extend!



Follow the instructions to install the original Docsplit here:

Put the pydocsplit folder on your python path and change the DOCSPLIT_JAVA_ROOT setting in to point to your installation of the Ruby gem

Remember to run OpenOffice in headless mode if you want to convert documents to pdf. See the Docsplit docs for howto:


from pydocsplit import Docsplit

d = Docsplit()
d.extract_pdf('/path/to/my/document.doc', output='/path/to/outputdir/')
d.extract_pages('/path/to/my/pdffile.pdf', output='/path/to/outputdir/', pages='1-2')
d.extract_text('/path/to/my/pdffile.pdf', output='/path/to/outputdir/', returntext=True)
d.extract_images('/path/to/my/pdffile.pdf', output='/path/to/outputdir/', sizes=['500x', '250x'], formats=['png', 'jpg'], pages=[1,2,5,7])
documenttitle = d.extract_meta('/path/to/my/pdffile.pdf', 'title')


  • Support multiple pdfs as input
  • Enhance parsing of pages options/ranges
  • Fix page numbers on generated images of PDF pages