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G.9959(ZWave) demodulator
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This program is able to decode ITU G.9959 (z-wave) frames using a RTL-SDR dongle

The QI sample output from the rtl_sdr program should be piped into the executable. the program will pipe the decoded frames to wireshark.

G.9959 frames are FSK/NRZ and FSK/Manchester encoded. Supported bitrates are 9.6kbps Manchester / 40kbps NRZ / 100kbps NRZ


rtl_sdr -f 868.1e6 -s 2048000 -g 25  - |./rtl_zwave


rtl_sdr -f 908.42e6 -s 2048000 -g 25  - |./rtl_zwave

This is my first signaling processing project, so it might not be perfect. I'm pretty sure there is room for improvement in the algorithms.

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