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Funtoo (Gentoo) Installation configurations and fixes for Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpads
Shell VimL


Gentoo/Funtoo Linux Configuration for Lenovo Thinkpad R400. This should work on Thinkpads with similar hardware as long as flags in make.conf are set correctly.

Environment is configured for a minimalistic desktop/server running Xfce. 
USE flage are set to create a secure and developer-friendly environment.
Alos includes full support for all common audio/video/gaming needs.

Boots very fast on a system runnning with an SSD. A video here:

Working Hardware:
- ATA, SCSI and S-ATA devices
- USB, FireWire, PCMCIA
- Graphics (2d and 3d), Sound incl. output ports
- LAN and WLAN
- Keyboard, Trackpad, Nipple-mouse, Special Keys
- HDAPS (HDD Shock Protection)
- UltraBay / Docking
- ACPI - Fans, scaling, power-saving, suspend/hibernate etc.

Hardware not supported:
- Fingerprint Sensor
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