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A nord-esque colorscheme.

nordic.nvim supports highlighting for Treesitter, Neovim LSP, Telescope, and much more.

Color Preview


  • Neovim 0.5+


nordic.nvim can be installed using any package manager and configuration language of choice.

With packer.nvim

packer.nvim provides an easy way to install, enable and configure this colorscheme:

use {
    config = function()
        -- The table used in this example contains the default settings.
        -- Modify or remove these to your liking (this also applies to alternatives below):
            -- Underline style used for spelling
            -- Options: 'none', 'underline', 'undercurl'
            underline_option = 'none',

            -- Italics for certain keywords such as constructors, functions,
            -- labels and namespaces
            italic = true,

            -- Italic styled comments
            italic_comments = false,

            -- Minimal mode: different choice of colors for Tabs and StatusLine
            minimal_mode = false,

            -- Darker backgrounds for certain sidebars, popups, etc.
            -- Options: true, false, or a table of explicit names
            -- Supported: terminal, qf, vista_kind, packer, nvim-tree, telescope, whichkey
            alternate_backgrounds = false,

            -- Callback function to define custom color groups
            -- See 'lua/nordic/colors/example.lua' for example defitions
            custom_colors = function(c, s, cs)
              return {}


For example vim-plug:

Plug 'andersevenrud/nordic.nvim'

Using Lua

Via the nordic.nvim module:

    underline_option = 'none',
    italic = true,
    italic_comments = false,
    minimal_mode = false,
    alternate_backgrounds = false

or via vim globals:

vim.g.nord_underline_option = 'none'
vim.g.nord_italic = true
vim.g.nord_italic_comments = false
vim.g.nord_minimal_mode = false
vim.g.nord_alternate_backgrounds = false
vim.cmd('colorscheme nordic')

Using Vimscript

let g:nord_underline_option = 'none'
let g:nord_italic = v:true
let g:nord_italic_comments = v:false
let g:nord_minimal_mode = v:false
let g:nord_alternate_backgrounds = v:false
colorscheme nordic


Certain plugin highlights are configured manually with Lua tables. This colorscheme comes with some pre-made configurations and instructions.