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Annotate with line numbers.tmCommand
App server in terminal window.tmCommand
Cleanup windows.tmCommand
Complete word from all open documents.tmCommand
Convert XML to Builder::XMLMarkup.tmCommand
Debug - App server in terminal window.tmCommand
Debug - Copy inspection to clipboard as YAML.tmCommand
Debug - Copy inspection to clipboard as pretty print.tmCommand
Debug - Copy inspection to clipboard as string.tmCommand
Debug - Current File.tmCommand
Debug - Delete All Breakpoints.tmCommand
Debug - Inspect with pretty print.tmCommand
Debug - Quit Debugger.tmCommand
Debug - RSpec Examples.tmCommand
Debug - Run current file in terminal window.tmCommand
Debug - Set Breakpoint at Current Line.tmCommand
Debug - Show Breakpoints Menu.tmCommand
Edit RubyAMP Global Config.tmCommand
Edit RubyAMP Local Config.tmCommand
Go to external gem.tmCommand
Go to file.tmCommand
Grep for Class.tmCommand
Grep for Fixture.tmCommand
Grep for method.tmCommand
Open Project Terminal.tmCommand
Open Script:Console.tmCommand
Pretty Align.tmCommand
RSpec - run and breakpoint at current line (current examples).tmCommand
Run in external window.tmCommand
Show Open Windows.tmCommand
Show Stack.tmCommand
Shrink Selection.tmCommand
Swap Arguments.tmCommand
Tail development_log.tmCommand
Trim Selected Text.tmCommand
Update RubyAmp bundle.tmCommand