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README: nlpkit 0.1

nlpkit is a collection of command line utillities and Python libraries
intended to helpful in performing natural language processing tasks.

What is an NLP related task, then? In my experience it mostly has to do
with feeding picky command line tools with awkwardly formatted input
and then afterwards try to decipher their output. That's at least what
nlpkit will help you do.

Although some of the modules in nlpkit fit nicely together, it's not
intended as a framework. There are a few conventions that you'll need
to be aware of, though.

Relative paths to data files are resolved through the paths.data_path
function, which has certain expectations as to where your data folder
is kept and what it's called. (It expects it to be called 'data').
You can influence the search procedure through the environment variable NLPKIT_DATA.