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BarnOwl was primarily written by Nelson Elhage and Alejandro Sedeno at
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The following people have provided patches or other contributions:
Sam Hartman
Alex Vandiver
Geoffrey Thomas
Derrick Brashear
David Glasser
Matthew Goldstein
Arun Tharuvai
Kevin Chen
Eric Price
BarnOwl is based on code from Owl, which was originally primarly
written by James Kretchmar. Erik Nygren also made substantial
contributions and improvemnts to the program.
The following people provided patches and other techincal support for
Stephen Gildea
Greg Hudson
David Resnick
Marc Horowitz
Jeremy Daniel
Roman Mitz
Derrick J Brashear
David Glasser
Mark Eichin
Mark Eichin is also maintaining the debian package of Owl.
The following people helped with beta testing the earliest versions of
Andy Ellis, Erin Panttaja, Gisele Proulx
Ron Hoffmann, Jag Patel, Tara Holm
Heather Wakefield, Emiliy Havens,
Matt Braun, Jeff Schiller
The ASCII art owl was created by Anne LaVin.