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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2006-2011, Herbert Valerio Riedel <>
# See COPYING for distribution information
from trac.core import *
from trac.util import TracError, shorten_line
from trac.util.datefmt import FixedOffset, to_timestamp, format_datetime
from trac.util.text import to_unicode
from trac.versioncontrol.api import \
Changeset, Node, Repository, IRepositoryConnector, NoSuchChangeset, NoSuchNode, \
from import IWikiSyntaxProvider
from trac.versioncontrol.cache import CachedRepository, CachedChangeset
from trac.versioncontrol.web_ui import IPropertyRenderer
from trac.config import BoolOption, IntOption, PathOption, Option
from import Chrome
from genshi.builder import tag
from datetime import datetime
import sys
import os
if not sys.version_info[:2] >= (2, 5):
raise TracError("Python >= 2.5 dependancy not met")
import PyGIT
class GitCachedRepository(CachedRepository):
Git-specific cached repository
Passes through {display,short,normalize}_rev
def display_rev(self, rev):
return self.short_rev(rev)
def short_rev(self, path):
return self.repos.short_rev(path)
def normalize_rev(self, rev):
if not rev:
return self.repos.get_youngest_rev()
normrev = self.repos.git.verifyrev(rev)
if normrev is None:
raise NoSuchChangeset(rev)
return normrev
def get_changeset(self, rev):
return GitCachedChangeset(self, self.normalize_rev(rev), self.env)
class GitCachedChangeset(CachedChangeset):
Git-specific cached changeset
Handles get_branches()
def get_branches(self):
_rev = self.rev
return [ (k, v == _rev) for k, v in
self.repos.repos.git.get_branch_contains(_rev, resolve=True) ]
def _last_iterable(iterable):
"helper for detecting last iteration in for-loop"
i = iter(iterable)
v =
for nextv in i:
yield False, v
v = nextv
yield True, v
def intersperse(sep, iterable):
The 'intersperse' generator takes an element and an iterable and
intersperses that element between the elements of the iterable.
inspired by Haskell's Data.List.intersperse
for i, item in enumerate(iterable):
if i: yield sep
yield item
# helper
def _parse_user_time(s):
parse author/committer attribute lines and return
user, time, tz_str = s.rsplit(None, 2)
tz = FixedOffset((int(tz_str)*6)/10, tz_str)
time = datetime.fromtimestamp(float(time), tz)
return user, time
class GitConnector(Component):
implements(IRepositoryConnector, IWikiSyntaxProvider)
def __init__(self):
self._version = None
self._version = PyGIT.Storage.git_version(git_bin=self._git_bin)
except PyGIT.GitError, e:
self.log.error("GitError: " + str(e))
if self._version:"detected GIT version %s" % self._version['v_str'])
self.env.systeminfo.append(('GIT', self._version['v_str']))
if not self._version['v_compatible']:
self.log.error("GIT version %s installed not compatible (need >= %s)" %
(self._version['v_str'], self._version['v_min_str']))
# IWikiSyntaxProvider
def _format_sha_link(self, formatter, sha, label):
# FIXME: this function needs serious rethinking...
reponame = ''
context = formatter.context
while context:
if context.resource.realm in ('source', 'changeset'):
reponame =
context = context.parent
repos = self.env.get_repository(reponame)
if not repos:
raise Exception("Repository '%s' not found" % reponame)
sha = repos.normalize_rev(sha) # in case it was abbreviated
changeset = repos.get_changeset(sha)
return tag.a(label, class_="changeset",
href=formatter.href.changeset(sha, repos.reponame))
except Exception, e:
return tag.a(label, class_="missing changeset",
title=to_unicode(e), rel="nofollow")
def get_wiki_syntax(self):
yield (r'(?:\b|!)r?[0-9a-fA-F]{%d,40}\b' % self._wiki_shortrev_len,
lambda fmt, sha, match: self._format_sha_link(fmt, sha.startswith('r') and sha[1:] or sha, sha))
def get_link_resolvers(self):
yield 'sha', lambda fmt, _, sha, label, match=None: self._format_sha_link(fmt, sha, label)
# IRepositoryConnector
_persistent_cache = BoolOption('git', 'persistent_cache', 'false',
"enable persistent caching of commit tree")
_cached_repository = BoolOption('git', 'cached_repository', 'false',
"wrap `GitRepository` in `CachedRepository`")
_shortrev_len = IntOption('git', 'shortrev_len', 7,
"length rev sha sums should be tried to be abbreviated to"
" (must be >= 4 and <= 40)")
_wiki_shortrev_len = IntOption('git', 'wiki_shortrev_len', 40,
"minimum length of hex-string for which auto-detection as sha id is performed"
" (must be >= 4 and <= 40)")
_trac_user_rlookup = BoolOption('git', 'trac_user_rlookup', 'false',
"enable reverse mapping of git email addresses to trac user ids")
_use_committer_id = BoolOption('git', 'use_committer_id', 'true',
"use git-committer id instead of git-author id as changeset owner")
_use_committer_time = BoolOption('git', 'use_committer_time', 'true',
"use git-committer-author timestamp instead of git-author timestamp"
" as changeset timestamp")
_git_fs_encoding = Option('git', 'git_fs_encoding', 'utf-8',
"define charset encoding of paths within git repository")
_git_bin = PathOption('git', 'git_bin', '/usr/bin/git',
"path to git executable (relative to trac project folder!)")
def get_supported_types(self):
yield ("git", 8)
def get_repository(self, type, dir, params):
"""GitRepository factory method"""
assert type == "git"
if not (4 <= self._shortrev_len <= 40):
raise TracError("shortrev_len must be withing [4..40]")
if not (4 <= self._wiki_shortrev_len <= 40):
raise TracError("wiki_shortrev_len must be withing [4..40]")
if not self._version:
raise TracError("GIT backend not available")
elif not self._version['v_compatible']:
raise TracError("GIT version %s installed not compatible (need >= %s)" %
(self._version['v_str'], self._version['v_min_str']))
if self._trac_user_rlookup:
def rlookup_uid(email):
reverse map 'real name <user@domain.tld>' addresses to trac user ids
returns None if lookup failed
_, email = email.rsplit('<', 1)
email, _ = email.split('>', 1)
email = email.lower()
except Exception:
return None
for _uid, _name, _email in self.env.get_known_users():
if email == _email.lower():
return _uid
except Exception:
def rlookup_uid(_):
return None
repos = GitRepository(dir, params, self.log,
if self._cached_repository:
repos = GitCachedRepository(self.env, repos, self.log)
self.log.debug("enabled CachedRepository for '%s'" % dir)
self.log.debug("disabled CachedRepository for '%s'" % dir)
return repos
class CsetPropertyRenderer(Component):
# relied upon by GitChangeset
def match_property(self, name, mode):
# default renderer has priority 1
return (name in ('Parents',
) and mode == 'revprop') and 4 or 0
def render_property(self, name, mode, context, props):
def sha_link(sha, label=None):
# sha is assumed to be a non-abbreviated 40-chars sha id
reponame =
repos = self.env.get_repository(reponame)
cset = repos.get_changeset(sha)
if label is None:
label = repos.display_rev(sha)
return tag.a(label, class_="changeset",
href=context.href.changeset(sha, repos.reponame))
except Exception, e:
return tag.a(sha, class_="missing changeset",
title=to_unicode(e), rel="nofollow")
if name == 'Branches':
branches = props[name]
# simple non-merge commit
return tag(*intersperse(', ', (sha_link(rev, label) for label, rev in branches)))
elif name in ('Parents', 'Children'):
revs = props[name] # list of commit ids
if name == 'Parents' and len(revs) > 1:
# we got a merge...
current_sha =
reponame =
parent_links = intersperse(', ', \
' (',
title="Diff against this parent (show the changes merged from the other parents)",
href=context.href.changeset(current_sha, reponame, old=rev)),
for rev in revs))
return tag(list(parent_links),,
tag.span(tag("Note: this is a ", tag.strong('merge'), " changeset, "
"the changes displayed below correspond "
"to the merge itself."),
tag.span(tag("Use the ",'(diff)'), " links above"
" to see all the changes relative to each parent."),
# simple non-merge commit
return tag(*intersperse(', ', map(sha_link, revs)))
elif name in ('git-committer', 'git-author'):
user_, time_ = props[name]
_str = "%s (%s)" % (Chrome(self.env).format_author(context.req, user_),
return unicode(_str)
raise TracError("Internal error")
class GitRepository(Repository):
Git repository
def __init__(self, path, params, log,
rlookup_uid=lambda _: None,
self.logger = log
self.gitrepo = path
self.params = params
self._shortrev_len = max(4, min(shortrev_len, 40))
self.rlookup_uid = rlookup_uid
self._use_committer_time = use_committer_time
self._use_committer_id = use_committer_id
self.git = PyGIT.StorageFactory(path, log, not persistent_cache,
Repository.__init__(self, "git:"+path, self.params, log)
def close(self):
self.git = None
def get_youngest_rev(self):
return self.git.youngest_rev()
def get_oldest_rev(self):
return self.git.oldest_rev()
def normalize_path(self, path):
return path and path.strip('/') or '/'
def normalize_rev(self, rev):
if not rev:
return self.get_youngest_rev()
normrev = self.git.verifyrev(rev)
if normrev is None:
raise NoSuchChangeset(rev)
return normrev
def display_rev(self, rev):
return self.short_rev(rev)
def short_rev(self, rev):
return self.git.shortrev(self.normalize_rev(rev), min_len=self._shortrev_len)
def get_node(self, path, rev=None, historian=None):
return GitNode(self, path, rev, self.log, None, historian)
def get_quickjump_entries(self, rev):
for bname, bsha in self.git.get_branches():
yield 'branches', bname, '/', bsha
for t in self.git.get_tags():
yield 'tags', t, '/', t
def get_path_url(self, path, rev):
return self.params.get('url')
def get_changesets(self, start, stop):
for rev in self.git.history_timerange(to_timestamp(start), to_timestamp(stop)):
yield self.get_changeset(rev)
def get_changeset(self, rev):
"""GitChangeset factory method"""
return GitChangeset(self, rev)
def get_changes(self, old_path, old_rev, new_path, new_rev, ignore_ancestry=0):
# TODO: handle renames/copies, ignore_ancestry
if old_path != new_path:
raise TracError("not supported in git_fs")
with self.git.get_historian(old_rev, old_path.strip('/')) as old_historian:
with self.git.get_historian(new_rev, new_path.strip('/')) as new_historian:
for chg in self.git.diff_tree(old_rev, new_rev, self.normalize_path(new_path)):
mode1, mode2, obj1, obj2, action, path, path2 = chg
kind = Node.FILE
if mode2.startswith('04') or mode1.startswith('04'):
kind = Node.DIRECTORY
change = GitChangeset.action_map[action]
old_node = None
new_node = None
if change != Changeset.ADD:
old_node = self.get_node(path, old_rev, old_historian)
if change != Changeset.DELETE:
new_node = self.get_node(path, new_rev, new_historian)
yield old_node, new_node, kind, change
def next_rev(self, rev, path=''):
return self.git.hist_next_revision(rev)
def previous_rev(self, rev, path=''):
return self.git.hist_prev_revision(rev)
def parent_revs(self, rev):
return self.git.parents(rev)
def child_revs(self, rev):
return self.git.children(rev)
def rev_older_than(self, rev1, rev2):
rc = self.git.rev_is_anchestor_of(rev1, rev2)
return rc
# def clear(self, youngest_rev=None):
# self.youngest = None
# if youngest_rev is not None:
# self.youngest = self.normalize_rev(youngest_rev)
# self.oldest = None
def clear(self, youngest_rev=None):
def sync(self, rev_callback=None, clean=None):
if rev_callback:
revs = set(self.git.all_revs())
if not self.git.sync():
return None # nothing expected to change
if rev_callback:
revs = set(self.git.all_revs()) - revs
for rev in revs:
class GitNode(Node):
def __init__(self, repos, path, rev, log, ls_tree_info=None, historian=None):
self.log = log
self.repos = repos
self.fs_sha = None # points to either tree or blobs
self.fs_perm = None
self.fs_size = None
rev = rev and str(rev) or 'HEAD'
kind = Node.DIRECTORY
p = path.strip('/')
if p: # ie. not the root-tree
if not ls_tree_info:
ls_tree_info = repos.git.ls_tree(rev, p) or None
if ls_tree_info:
[ls_tree_info] = ls_tree_info
if not ls_tree_info:
raise NoSuchNode(path, rev)
self.fs_perm, k, self.fs_sha, self.fs_size, _ = ls_tree_info
# fix-up to the last commit-rev that touched this node
rev = repos.git.last_change(rev, p, historian)
if k == 'tree':
elif k == 'commit':
pass # FIXME: this is a workaround for missing git submodule support in the plugin
elif k == 'blob':
kind = Node.FILE
raise TracError("Internal error (got unexpected object kind '%s')" % k)
self.created_path = path
self.created_rev = rev
Node.__init__(self, repos, path, rev, kind)
def __git_path(self):
"return path as expected by PyGIT"
p = self.path.strip('/')
if self.isfile:
assert p
return p
if self.isdir:
return p and (p + '/')
raise TracError("internal error")
def get_content(self):
if not self.isfile:
return None
return self.repos.git.get_file(self.fs_sha)
def get_properties(self):
return self.fs_perm and {'mode': self.fs_perm } or {}
def get_annotations(self):
if not self.isfile:
return [ rev for rev, lineno in self.repos.git.blame(self.rev, self.__git_path()) ]
def get_entries(self):
if not self.isdir:
with self.repos.git.get_historian(self.rev, self.path.strip('/')) as historian:
for ent in self.repos.git.ls_tree(self.rev, self.__git_path()):
yield GitNode(self.repos, ent[-1], self.rev, self.log, ent, historian)
def get_content_type(self):
if self.isdir:
return None
return ''
def get_content_length(self):
if not self.isfile:
return None
if self.fs_size is None:
self.fs_size = self.repos.git.get_obj_size(self.fs_sha)
return self.fs_size
def get_history(self, limit=None):
# TODO: find a way to follow renames/copies
for is_last, rev in _last_iterable(self.repos.git.history(self.rev, self.__git_path(), limit)):
yield (self.path, rev, Changeset.EDIT if not is_last else Changeset.ADD)
def get_last_modified(self):
if not self.isfile:
return None
msg, props = self.repos.git.read_commit(self.rev)
user, ts = _parse_user_time(props['committer'][0])
self.log.error("internal error (could not get timestamp from commit '%s')" % self.rev)
return None
return ts
class GitChangeset(Changeset):
A Git changeset in the Git repository.
Corresponds to a Git commit blob.
action_map = { # see also git-diff-tree(1) --diff-filter
'A': Changeset.ADD,
'M': Changeset.EDIT, # modified
'T': Changeset.EDIT, # file type (mode) change
'D': Changeset.DELETE,
'R': Changeset.MOVE, # renamed
'C': Changeset.COPY
} # TODO: U, X, B
def __init__(self, repos, sha):
if sha is None:
raise NoSuchChangeset(sha)
msg, props = repos.git.read_commit(sha)
except PyGIT.GitErrorSha:
raise NoSuchChangeset(sha)
self.props = props
assert 'children' not in props
_children = list(repos.git.children(sha))
if _children:
props['children'] = _children
# use 1st author/committer as changeset owner/timestamp
if repos._use_committer_time:
_, time_ = _parse_user_time(props['committer'][0])
_, time_ = _parse_user_time(props['author'][0])
if repos._use_committer_id:
user_, _ = _parse_user_time(props['committer'][0])
user_, _ = _parse_user_time(props['author'][0])
# try to resolve email address to trac uid
user_ = repos.rlookup_uid(user_) or user_
Changeset.__init__(self, repos, rev=sha, message=msg, author=user_, date=time_)
def get_properties(self):
properties = {}
if 'parent' in self.props:
properties['Parents'] = self.props['parent']
if 'children' in self.props:
properties['Children'] = self.props['children']
if 'committer' in self.props:
properties['git-committer'] = \
if 'author' in self.props:
properties['git-author'] = \
branches = list(self.repos.git.get_branch_contains(self.rev, resolve=True))
if branches:
properties['Branches'] = branches
return properties
def get_changes(self):
paths_seen = set()
for parent in self.props.get('parent', [None]):
for mode1, mode2, obj1, obj2, action, path1, path2 in \
self.repos.git.diff_tree(parent, self.rev, find_renames=True):
path = path2 or path1
p_path, p_rev = path1, parent
kind = Node.FILE
if mode2.startswith('04') or mode1.startswith('04'):
kind = Node.DIRECTORY
action = GitChangeset.action_map[action[0]]
if action == Changeset.ADD:
p_path = ''
p_rev = None
# CachedRepository expects unique (rev, path, change_type) key
# this is only an issue in case of merges where files required editing
if path in paths_seen:
yield path, kind, action, p_path, p_rev
def get_branches(self):
_rev = self.rev
return [ (k, v == _rev)
for k, v in self.repos.git.get_branch_contains(_rev, resolve=True) ]
class GitwebProjectsRepositoryProvider(Component):
projects_list = PathOption('git', 'projects_list', doc='Path to a gitweb-formatted projects.list')
projects_base = PathOption('git', 'projects_base', doc='Path to the base of your git projects')
projects_url = Option('git', 'projects_url', doc='Template for project URLs. %s will be replaced with the repo name')
def get_repositories(self):
if not self.projects_list:
for line in open(self.projects_list):
line = line.strip()
name = line
if name.endswith('.git'):
name = name[:-4]
repo = {
'dir': os.path.join(self.projects_base, line),
'type': 'git',
description_path = os.path.join(repo['dir'], 'description')
if os.path.exists(description_path):
repo['description'] = open(description_path).read().strip()
if self.projects_url:
repo['url'] = self.projects_url % name
yield name, repo
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