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OpenGL Extensions Helper
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GLELP ( openGL Extensions heLPer )
2014 Anders Malm,

Not for all extensions.. only the gl core arb ones!

In the generator folder there is a ruby script called coregen.rb.
This script have, together with glelp/internals/glcorearb.h created
the three files glelp_glcorearb.cpp, glelp_glcorearb.h and gl.dump.

The script is kind of useless since it will only regenerate those files.

In the root folder there is a ruby tool called glelp_scan.rb which is
scanning your source tree ( cpp and c files ) and figures out which
core release you are using, which extensions you need and which functions
which needs to be loaded. 
Extensions which don't have any functions will not be caught in the same way.
For these cases a list of extensions can be written in a plain text file, 
one per line, and they will be added.

ruby glelp_scan.rb [source folder] [additional extensions]
example: ruby glelp_scan.rb ../project/source ../project/extensions.txt

The scanner will generate a file, glelp_defines.h, and when calling
glelp::loadExtensions all the necessary things will be done.


Just add the files in glelp/internals and glelp.cpp and glelp.h to your
project folder.
In your project, just include glelp.h everywhere instead of <gl/gl.h>.

To do something with this, just use add glelp_scan as a pre-build step,
then in your code call glelp::loadExtensions() and everything will be great!

If glelp::loadExtensions fails it will return false, else true.


GLELP is released under the Apache 2.0 license except as otherwise noted.
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