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(ns clj-sendgrid-example.core
(:require [clj-http.client :as http]
[clojure.string :as str]))
(def data [{:name "Bob" :age 27 :favourite-food "bagels"}
{:name "Sarah" :age 23 :favourite-food "apples"}
{:name "John" :age 41 :favourite-food "pasta"}])
(defn escape-csv-value [value]
(str "\"" value "\""))
(defn row->csv-row [row]
(->> (map escape-csv-value row)
(str/join ",")))
(defn ms->csv-string [ms]
(let [columns (keys (first ms))
headers (map name columns)
rows (map #(map % columns) ms)]
(->> (into [headers] rows)
(map row->csv-row)
(str/join "\n"))))
(defn encode-string-to-base64 [string]
(.encodeToString (java.util.Base64/getEncoder) (.getBytes string)))
(defn send-email-with-csv [to-email csv-string]
{:headers {:authorization
(str "Bearer " (System/getenv "SENGRID_API_KEY"))}
:content-type :json
{:personalizations [{:to [{:email to-email}]
:subject "Hello, World!"}]
:from {:email ""}
:content [{:type "text/plain"
:value "Hello, World!"}]
[{:filename "helloworld.csv"
:content (encode-string-to-base64 csv-string)}]}}))
(->> data
(send-email-with-csv "")))
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