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Hacking on Ruby Reports : A Guide For Contributors
If you'd like to help test, maintain, or develop on Ruport,
this document is for you.
We try to be as community friendly as possible, and we welcome all sorts of
contributions to our project. Here are a few different ways you can help.
- Adding Tests and Hunting for bugs.
- Improving documentation or writing tutorials
- Helping with our primary development tasks
- Helping with some secondary tasks
- Improving our visual identity / web resources
- Testing new releases and sharing your experiences.
If any of these things sound appealing to you, there are a few things
you should do:
1) Sign up on the mailing list:
2) Post and introduce yourself, letting us know what you'd like to work on OR
Find sandal or mikem836 on #ruport
3) Please read the MakingChangeRequests, ReportingDefects, and
SubmittingPatches Trac wiki pages, as appropriate.
4) Please pull the latest code from SVN trunk:
This should hopefully be enough to get you on the right track. We welcome your
questions and ideas, so don't be afraid to contact us.
Happy Hacking!