This is a sample application intended to demonstrate how to use Sidekiq to share messeges between distinct applications.
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Multiplatform Sidekiq

Sidekiq is a simple and efficient background processing gem for Ruby. It was created by Mike Perham and uses Redis to store job information.

In this project, I want to demonstrate how to use Sidekiq as message queue system between two different application.

The applications

The producer application "ruby-app" is written in Ruby. Once it starts, it will create a job to be processed by the receiver application "crystal-app", which is written in Crystal.

The communication between both apps is handled by Redis and Sidekiq, via queues. The ruby-app listens to jobs in "ruby" queue. The crystal-app listens to jobs in "crystal" queue.

Both applications use Sidekiqs API to write the jobs into the other application queue.

The receiver worker will then take a random integer number (N) generated by the producer, and sleep for N seconds, then it will generate a new job into producer queue.

Also, it writes some output into tmp/output.txt file:

3 seconds sleep received
9 seconds sleep received


I provide a way to set up the application via the script. It installs brew, bundler, foreman, Redis, and crystal language.

In order to get the application running, execute in the terminal:

$ ./

Once executed, it will install all dependencies, compile crystal-app, and start both applications via foreman.


When fired up, foreman output should look like this:

12:19:09 ruby.1    | 2017-10-09T15:19:09.599Z 32609 TID-ox626dzv0 RubyApp::Workers::ProducerWorker JID-2bef1352ac43b2197e2d9d9f INFO: start
12:19:09 crystal.1 | 2017-10-09T15:19:09.600Z 32606 TID-1zee83k  JID=dc4136909e800817b7c3e3de INFO: Start
12:19:09 ruby.1    | 2017-10-09T15:19:09.600Z 32609 TID-ox626dzv0 RubyApp::Workers::ProducerWorker JID-2bef1352ac43b2197e2d9d9f INFO: done: 0.001 sec
12:19:09 tail.1    | 6 seconds sleep received
12:19:10 crystal.1 | 2017-10-09T15:19:10.580Z 32606 TID-1zee6tc  JID=2a385f1009cb3aca94b9c4bf INFO: Done: 9.002191 sec

In the sample above you may see three distinct applications writing down:

  • crystal.1
  • ruby.1
  • tail

The last one is going to print out every new line written into tmp/output.txt.

Sidekiq Web

If you want to see the Sidekiq web dashboard, open the following URL in your browser:



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