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MartianNet @ SpaceApps Challenge

Project description on Space Apps Challenge official page:

The aim of the project is to use existing infrastructure to provide Earth's Internet webpages and communication to any planet or spaceship/entity. The project uses the DTN2 Bundler protocol and a newly designed interface to request information from Earth, parcel the information and send it to the requesters computer. MartianNet requests webpages with delay-tolerant networking concepts and protocol(s) with a heavy focus on delay compatibility and parcel size.

This project is solving the 'Bring the Internet to Deep Space Exploration' challenge.


Current attempts to communicate through the DTN bundle have been successful, yet, there has not been enough effort to create an application that will successfully enable humans on another planet to request information from websites on Earth. The project uses a combination of currently employed techniques used on Earth to crawl and collect/download information from websites.


Within the SpaceApps Challenge timeframe, the team has agreed that the Aims for the Challenge are to create an application, on both ends, that will permit humans out-with Earth to function on computer systems as they would do on Earth normally. The application, as agreed, must adhere to certain key fundamental steps for successful communication, such as:

Send a request from a planet to Earth successfully
Receive the request from the planet on Earth successfully
Invoke a custom-build crawler to begin gathering information on the web address that was requested
Send the file between the two communicating nodes on the planets via the DTN protocol suite

We propose to achieve this through the use of common programming languages found (to provide maximum compatibility) on Earth, which are used on open-source technologies.

The final addition to the project is to let the requester have ultimate freedom on what they request from Earth and not just simply request from a pre-defined pool of information.


DTN Research Group -

Godot Coffee Documentation -

Beautiful Soup -

Group Collaboration -


Anderson de Franca Queiroz
Andrew Gill
Aziz Rasool
Chris Gibb
Craig Hay
Eimantas Peckys
Josh Fraser
Richard Karus