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This is a library to allow communicating to a Midea appliance via the Midea cloud.
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Updated home-assistant component for hass version 0.96 and the "climate-1.0" changes.


HACS hacs_badge

  1. Search the HACS Store for Midea
  2. Install the Midea Aircon component
  3. Add configuration to your yaml, as shown here:


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Place the custom_components/midea folder into your custom_components folder
  3. Add configuration to your yaml, as shown here:

Fan Only Workaround

There is an optional workaround to avoid reading the device's state on initial connection, since for some reason the update method causes my device to turn on and be set to fan only mode. (This is a bug to be fixed in andersonshatch/midea-ac-lib... if only I knew how.)

With this workaround enabled, it restores state from home-assistant's previous state. This should work okay as long as you only alter the state of your device using home-assisant.

If you find this component turns your device on and to fan_only every time home-assistant updates it (once a minute by default), you probably want to turn on the workaround with this config property:

use_fan_only_workaround: true

Original Readme:

This is a library to allow communicating to a Midea AC via the Midea Cloud.

This is a very early release, and comes without any guarantees. This is still an early work in progress and simply serves as a proof of concept.

This library would not have been possible if it wasn't for the amazing work done by @yitsushi and his Ruby based command line tool. 
You can find his work here:
The reasons for me converting this to Python is that this library also serves as a platform component for Home Assistant.

## Wiki
Please visit the Wiki for device support and instruction on how to use this component: 
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