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andersonvom committed May 9, 2012
1 parent de32dbf commit 95e9c42b85954c334d45a53cd640ac19d9c3feab
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@@ -29,15 +29,16 @@ <h1>Conway's Game of Life</h1>
<button id="stop" onclick="stop();">Stop (S)</button>
<button id="random" onclick="rand();">Random (R)</button>
<button id="cls" onclick="cls();">Clear (C)</button>
- <button id="speed_up" onclick="speed(0.2);">Faster (+)</button>
+ <button id="speed_up" onclick="speed(0.2);">Faster (+)</button>
<button id="speed_down" onclick="speed(-0.2);">Slower (-)</button>
<br />
<button id="small" onclick="size(50,50);">Small (1)</button>
<button id="medium" onclick="size(100,75);">Medium (2)</button>
<button id="large" onclick="size(175,90);">Large (3)</button>
<br />
+ <button id="restart" onclick="restart();">Restart</button>
<button id="center" onclick="center();">Center</button>
- <button id="save" onclick="save();">Save</button>
+ <button id="save" onclick="save();">Save</button>
<h3>Interesting Patterns</h3>

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