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;;; bootstrap use-package
(require 'package)
(setq package-enable-at-startup nil)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
'("melpa-stable" . "") t)
(add-to-list 'package-archives '("orgmode" . ""))
(unless (package-installed-p 'use-package)
(package-install 'use-package))
(require 'use-package)
(setq use-package-always-ensure t)
;;; Elisp utilities
(use-package f)
(use-package s)
;;; Actual packages, except language-specific
(use-package avy
:bind ("C-t" . avy-goto-char))
(use-package company
:bind (:map company-active-map
("RET" . nil)
("M-1" . company-complete-selection))
(setq company-global-modes '(not gud-mode))
(setq company-dabbrev-downcase nil)
(use-package compile
(setq compilation-always-kill t)
(setq compilation-ask-about-save nil)
;; Do to my particular windowing setup (only window-manager-level
;; splits), I want a drastically simpler version of
;; compilation-goto-locus. It's not really possible to do this from
;; the outside, so just override the function.
(defun compilation-goto-locus (msg mk end-mk)
"Jump to an error corresponding to MSG at MK.
All arguments are markers. If END-MK is non-nil, mark is set there
and overlay is highlighted between MK and END-MK."
(display-buffer (marker-buffer msg) '(nil (allow-no-window . t)))
(with-current-buffer (marker-buffer msg)
(goto-char (marker-position msg))
(and w (compilation-set-window w msg)))
(display-buffer (marker-buffer mk))
(with-current-buffer (marker-buffer mk)
(unless (eq (goto-char mk) (point))
;; If narrowing gets in the way of going to the right place, widen.
(if next-error-move-function
(funcall next-error-move-function msg mk)
(goto-char mk)))
(if end-mk
(push-mark end-mk t)
(if mark-active (setq mark-active)))
;; If hideshow got in the way of
;; seeing the right place, open permanently.
(dolist (ov (overlays-at (point)))
(when (eq 'hs (overlay-get ov 'invisible))
(delete-overlay ov)
(goto-char mk))))))
(use-package expand-region
:bind ("C-=" . er/expand-region))
(use-package flymake)
(use-package god-mode
:bind (("<escape>" . god-local-mode)
:map god-local-mode-map
("i" . god-local-mode)
("." . repeat)
:map isearch-mode-map
("<escape>" . god-mode-isearch-activate)
:map god-mode-isearch-map
("<escape>" . god-mode-isearch-disable))
(setq god-mod-alist
'((nil . "C-")
("t" . "M-")
("T" . "C-M-")))
(defun anders/update-cursor ()
(setq cursor-type (if god-local-mode 'box 'bar)))
((god-mode-enabled god-mode-disabled) . anders/update-cursor)
(require 'god-mode-isearch)
;; bugfix for
(defun god-mode-upper-p (char)
"Is the given char upper case?"
(and (>= char ?A)
(<= char ?Z)
(/= char ?T))))
(use-package ivy
(setq ivy-initial-inputs-alist '())
(ivy-mode 0))
;; Magit is awesome.
(use-package magit
(setq magit-commit-show-diff nil)
(setq magit-delete-by-moving-to-trash nil)
(setq magit-diff-expansion-threshold 2.0)
(setq magit-diff-use-overlays nil)
(setq magit-no-confirm
(setq magit-revert-buffers t)
(setq magit-use-overlays nil))
(use-package man
(setq Man-width 80)
(setq Man-notify-method 'pushy))
(use-package multiple-cursors
:bind (("C-S-c C-S-c" . mc/edit-lines)
("C->" . mc/mark-next-like-this)
("C-<" . mc/mark-previous-like-this)
("C-c C-<" . mc/mark-all-like-this)))
(use-package org
:bind (("C-c a" . org-agenda))
((org-mode) . real-auto-save-mode)
((org-mode) . auto-revert-mode)
((org-capture-after-finalize) . delete-frame)
;; Utility function so that I don't have to fix the set of org files
;; statically.
(defun anders/dynamic-org-files (directory)
(f-entries directory
(lambda (filename) (s-ends-with-p ".org" filename))
(defun anders/dynamic-all-org-files ()
(anders/dynamic-org-files "~/projects"))
(setq org-agenda-window-setup 'current-window)
;; Set up the agenda for the particular things I want out of it.
(setq org-agenda-compact-blocks t)
(setq org-agenda-span 'day)
(setq org-agenda-time-grid
'((daily today require-timed)
(setq org-agenda-custom-commands
'(("a" "Agenda"
((agenda ""
(anders/dynamic-org-files "~/projects"))
'((:discard (:tag "agenda_ignore"))
(:name "Important"
:priority "A")
(:name "Appointments"
:time-grid t)
(:name "Tasks"
:scheduled t)
(tags-todo "+project+active"
(anders/dynamic-org-files "~/projects"))))
(tags "+project+ongoing"
(anders/dynamic-org-files "~/projects"))
(org-use-tag-inheritance nil)))))
("c" "Captures"
((tags-todo "capture"
(anders/dynamic-org-files "~/projects/special"))
(org-use-tag-inheritance t)
(org-agenda-overriding-header "Capture")))))))
(setq org-capture-templates
'(("t" "Todo" entry
(file "~/projects/special/capture/")
"* TODO %?\n %i")))
(setq org-goto-interface 'outline-path-completion)
;; I only refile from my capture files to the top (file) level of
;; other org files.
;; Forcing level == 100 is a hack to perfomantly filter out all
;; headings and leave only file names.
;; The argument to org-refile-targets must be a named function.
(setq org-refile-use-outline-path 't)
(setq org-refile-targets '((anders/dynamic-all-org-files . (:tag . "refile"))))
(setq org-outline-path-complete-in-steps nil)
;; Miscellaneous
(setq org-fast-tag-selection-single-key t)
(setq org-from-is-user-regexp nil)
(setq org-hide-leading-stars t)
(setq org-read-date-force-compatible-dates nil)
(setq org-read-date-popup-calendar nil))
(use-package org-super-agenda
(use-package projectile
(defun anders/vc-or-dired ()
(ignore-errors (projectile-vc)))
(defun anders/ignore-project (project)
(string-match-p "/nix/store" project))
(setq projectile-keymap-prefix (kbd "M-t"))
(setq projectile-mode-line
''(:eval (format "Projectile[%s]" default-directory)))
(setq projectile-switch-project-action 'anders/vc-or-dired)
(setq projectile-completion-system 'ivy)
(setq projectile-ignored-project-function 'anders/ignore-project)
(ad-deactivate 'compilation-find-file))
(use-package projectile-ripgrep
:bind ((:map projectile-command-map
(("s g" . projectile-ripgrep)))))
(use-package real-auto-save
(setq real-auto-save-interval 30))
(use-package subword
(use-package term
:bind (("M-RET" . anders/get-term)
:map term-mode-map
(("M-i" . anders/term-toggle-mode))
:map term-raw-map
(("M-i" . anders/term-toggle-mode)
("C-y" . term-paste)))
(defun anders/new-term ()
(term "bash")
(rename-buffer "shell" t))
(defun anders/get-term ()
(if (get-buffer "shell")
(switch-to-buffer "shell")
(defun anders/expose-global-binding-in-term (binding)
(define-key term-raw-map binding
(lookup-key (current-global-map) binding)))
(defun anders/term-toggle-mode ()
"Toggles term between line mode and char mode"
(if (term-in-line-mode)
(anders/expose-global-binding-in-term (kbd "M-x"))
(anders/expose-global-binding-in-term (kbd "C-x"))
(anders/expose-global-binding-in-term (kbd "C-c a")))
(use-package tramp
(setq tramp-default-method "ssh")
(setq tramp-use-ssh-controlmaster-options nil)
(add-to-list 'tramp-remote-path "/run/current-system/sw/bin"))
(use-package undo-tree
(setq undo-tree-auto-save-history t)
(setq undo-tree-history-directory-alist '(("." . "/tmp/undo-tree")))
(use-package whitespace
:bind ("C-x C-s" . anders/save-with-delete-trailing-whitespace)
:hook ((prog-mode . whitespace-mode))
(setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil)
(setq whitespace-style '(face tabs))
(defun anders/save-with-delete-trailing-whitespace ()
;;; Programming-language specific packages
(use-package cargo)
(use-package elm-mode
(setq elm-sort-imports-on-save t)
(setq elm-format-on-save t))
(use-package haskell-mode)
(use-package intero
(defun anders/intero-mode-unless-global-project ()
"Run intero-mode iff we're in a project with a stack.yaml"
(let* ((stack-command "stack path --project-root --verbosity silent")
(stack-path (ignore-errors (shell-command-to-string stack-command))))
(unless (or
(string-match-p (regexp-quote "not found") stack-path)
(string-match-p (regexp-quote "global") stack-path))
:hook ((haskell-mode . anders/intero-mode-unless-global-project)))
(setq haskell-mode-hook nil)
(use-package lua-mode)
(use-package markdown-mode
(("\\.markdown\\'" . markdown-mode)
("\\.md\\'" . markdown-mode)))
(use-package nix-mode)
(use-package protobuf-mode)
(use-package rust-mode
(eval-after-load 'compile
(remove-hook 'next-error-hook 'rustc-scroll-down-after-next-error)))
(use-package yaml-mode)
;;; Copy/paste
(setq kill-do-not-save-duplicates t)
(setq save-interprogram-paste-before-kill t)
(setq select-enable-clipboard nil)
(setq select-enable-primary t)
;;; Window management
;; gud mode is a bad actor
(setq gdb-display-io-nopopup t)
(setq frame-auto-hide-function 'delete-frame)
(setq display-buffer-alist
'(("shell.*" (display-buffer-same-window) ())
(".*" (display-buffer-reuse-window
(reusable-frames . t))))
(defun anders/same-window-instead
(orig-fun buffer alist)
(display-buffer-same-window buffer nil))
(advice-add 'display-buffer-pop-up-window :around 'anders/same-window-instead)
(defun anders/do-select-frame (orig-fun buffer &rest args)
(let* ((old-frame (selected-frame))
(window (apply orig-fun buffer args))
(frame (window-frame window)))
(unless (eq frame old-frame)
(select-frame-set-input-focus frame))
(select-window window)
(advice-add 'display-buffer :around 'anders/do-select-frame)
;; Dedicated windows are evil
(advice-add 'set-window-dedicated-p :around
(lambda (orig-fun &rest args) nil))
;;; Luddite mode
(set-scroll-bar-mode nil)
(setq tool-bar-mode nil)
(setq menu-bar-mode nil)
(setq initial-scratch-message nil)
;;; Looks
(setq-default truncate-lines t)
(set-face-attribute 'default nil :height 110)
(set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Inconsolata")
;; (load-theme 'deeper-blue)
(show-paren-mode 1)
;;; Miscellaneous
(defun anders/switch-to-previous-buffer ()
"Switch to previously open buffer.
Repeated invocations toggle between the two most recently open buffers."
(switch-to-buffer (other-buffer (current-buffer) 1)))
(global-set-key "\M-o" 'anders/switch-to-previous-buffer)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-z") nil)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-x k") 'kill-this-buffer)
(setq auto-save-file-name-transforms '((".*" "/tmp/" t)))
(setq backup-directory-alist '((".*" . "/tmp/")))
(setq dired-auto-revert-buffer t)
(setq recenter-positions '(bottom middle top))
(setq uniquify-buffer-name-style 'post-forward)
;;; various stuff that I just always want to have open
(when (daemonp)
(find-file-noselect "/etc/nixos/configuration/config/init.el")
(find-file-noselect "/etc/nixos/configuration/private/bad-hosts.nix")
(man "configuration.nix")))