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Infinite Family Network Connectivity Web Test

I made this test to support the Infinite Family organization back in 2009.
It was a hobby project which was used to help their users diagnose bandwith issues
when performing video conferences between various locations in the US to South Africa.

If you are willing to help them please visit their web site at:

I do not actively maintain this application but do please send me pull requests 
if you find something that is broken in newer browsers.

- Johan


1. Put all files of the directory with this README on a web server
2. Edit config.js with the desired settings
3. Make sure the web server accepts HTTP POST on index.html. 
If the web server does not allow HTTP POST, the test will yield an error message immediately when running a test.
A sample .htaccess file can be found in the same directory as the HTML file which can be used to allow HTTP POST 
on an Apache server with PHP installed.

Happy testing!