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RISC-V LLVM Toolchain

This is the RISC-V LLVM C and C++ cross-compiler. It supports ELF/Newlib toolchain only in this moment.

Getting the sources

This repository uses submodules. You need the --recursive option to fetch the submodules automatically

$ git clone --recursive


To build the Newlib cross-compiler, pick an install path. If you choose, say, /opt/riscv, then add /opt/riscv/bin to your PATH now. Then, simply run the following command:

./configure --prefix=/opt/riscv

You should now be able to use riscv-llvm and its cousins.

The build defaults to targetting RV64IMC (64-bit), even on a 32-bit build environment. To build the 32-bit RV32IMC toolchain, use:

./configure --prefix=/opt/riscv --with-arch=rv32imc

Supported architectures are rv32i or rv64i plus standard extensions (a)tomics, (m)ultiplication and division.


You can found a LLVM toolchain in your install path, we recommand you use riscv32-elf-unknown-clang (or riscv64-elf-unknown-clang for RV64) to compile program just like riscv32-elf-unknown-gcc instead of use clang directly.

Advanced Options

There are a number of additional options that may be passed to configure. See './configure --help' for more details.

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