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app Link to EbookPilot Jan 26, 2016
bin Run rake rails:update:bin, and add Rails 4.x style /bin's Jun 10, 2013
config remove airbrake Jan 25, 2016
db fix the upcoming logger May 17, 2015
lib add instantlinkindexer rake task Jun 5, 2015
log V2 Complete Rewrite Dec 20, 2012
public Majestic SEO verification file. Jul 20, 2015
sql Comments now hold a boolen if they have a relevant_child Apr 5, 2014
vendor/assets remove the advertisements being sticky May 18, 2015
.travis.yml update travis Jan 26, 2016
Gemfile upgrade to ruby 2.3.1 and rails Aug 16, 2016
Gemfile.lock upgrade to ruby 2.3.1 and rails Aug 16, 2016
Guardfile rpsec scaffolding Mar 26, 2013
README.rdoc Add codeship badge to README Feb 20, 2015
Rakefile V2 Complete Rewrite Dec 20, 2012 revamped entities 'update' form Jan 17, 2013



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BestofAMA is a “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) indexer and archiver. The goal is to add value to reddit AMA’s by filtering irrelevant comments, track comment changes, tag AMAs, and associate AMA's with famous redditors (OPs) in an organized format.

Copyright 2015 Andrew Wei.