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Reproduce all the main figures in the paper: "Large-scale GWAS reveals insights into the genetic architecture of same-sex sexual behavior"

Available here:

Check also the website for more info:

This repository contains three folders:

  • /data: contains the data need it to reproduce the figures
  • /pgm: contains the program to reproduce the figures, one for each figure
  • /fig: contains the output created by running the content of /pgm. Notice that we report each panel in a figure as separate file. The panels where then combined and in cases post-processed using photoshop.


  1. To reproduce Figure 1, access to individual-level UK Biobank data is need it. We provide the variable names, but not the individual level data.
  2. We cannot reproduce Figure 2 because we are not allowed by 23andMe to share more than 10K SNPs. We provided the code to do that based on the summary statistics from just UK Biobank.
  3. Panel A of Figure 5 is just based on the genetic correlation that can be extracted from the supplementary tables and so we don't provide code for it
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