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Created on 17/05/2012
@author: piranna
Several utility functions to extract info from the SQL sentences
from sqlparse.filters import ColumnsSelect, Limit
from sqlparse.pipeline import Pipeline
from sqlparse.tokens import Keyword, Whitespace
def getlimit(stream):
"""Function that return the LIMIT of a input SQL """
pipe = Pipeline()
result = pipe(stream)
return int(result)
except ValueError:
return result
def getcolumns(stream):
"""Function that return the colums of a SELECT query"""
pipe = Pipeline()
return pipe(stream)
class IsType():
"""Functor that return is the statement is of a specific type"""
def __init__(self, type):
self.type = type
def __call__(self, stream):
for token_type, value in stream:
if token_type not in Whitespace:
return token_type in Keyword and value == self.type
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