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Simple Tools for editing pokemon games (gen 4, 5, and 6)(DPPtHGSS,BWBW2,XY)
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this project already deprecated and replaced with new rewrite project (is more flexible than before and added something interesting feature), and is still all in one tools (gen 4, gen 5, gen 6, and other* on one tool).

text extractor (on projectpokemon) is just filler before i release my newer tool, well is just reused old code with little modification from newer codebase (i just lazy to copy them since is too much to change code).

is fun to discovery new thing on nintendo 3ds game like fantasy life, final fantasy explorer, harvest moon (new beginning and SOS, TLV is suck so no), pokemon (XYORAS), mysterydungeon (bit interesting on this, btw thanks to psy_commando , evandixon and other for make a great documentation).

on newer tool will used json or bson or cbor (depend on my next research about performance), my own pokedex database (based on veekun, thank you =), and several other source and my own rip data), and other as main database engine, replaced invoke sqlite dll.

btw you will like it =) thank you for wait XD


ANDT is a simple utilities to help you edit pokemon data. This tool used .Net framework 4 and C# 5. Current is not supported open ROM directly, plug-in system, and other feature, it will implemented on future =)

Evolution Editor

Forum link for this tool : Here .


Some tool on ANDT is unique like Hidden Grotto / Hollow Editor, Moveset Editor and other. Multiple document for multiple editing.

Specific Tool :

  • Hidden Grotto Editor (All Field supported, BW2)
  • Moveset Editor (Moveset supported, Gen 4 Gen 5)
  • Evolution Editor (Evolution BabyEvolution supported, Gen 4 Gen 5)
  • Experience Table Editor (Experience supported, gen 4 gen 5)
  • Wild Encounter Ex (UnderGround HoneyTree TrophyGarden Safari supported, DPPt)

Next Todo

  • ReDesign On main form
  • Random stuff~

Specific Tool ToDo :

  • Add : In-Game Trade Editor (All Field supported, Gen 4 Gen 5)
  • Add : Ova9 table editor (DS)
  • Add : PWT Subway Editor (Gen 4 Gen 5)
  • Add : Item Editor (Gen 4 Gen 5 Gen 6)
  • Ext : Moveset Editor (supporting Egg Moves)
  • Ext : Moveset Editor (supporting Gen 6)
  • Ext : Evolution Editor (supporting Gen 6)

Common Tool ToDo :

  • Add : BLZ, Source from CUE
  • Add : NARC pack/unpacker
  • Fix : NARC reader
  • Add : GARC pack/unpacker/reader

Note :

  • Gen 4 : Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG, SS
  • Gen 5 : Black, White, Black 2, White 2
  • Gen 6 : X , Y

Help, Legal, and Credit


For while just go wiki page on this repo.



This tool use Apache License v2 as main license on my own component and code. Several MIT license component, library, and code will covered with this license.

But some code, and library already modified on this tool will kept on their original license. These Code is licensed under GNUv2 or GNUv3 License like NSMB-Editor(license) , CUE, DSDecmp and other.


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