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Weimarnetz Registrator

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  • jdk installed
  • vagrant installed
  • docker installed


This is an Spring-Boot application that is already configured to support a lot of tools and plugins i like to use in my daily business.

Things that are configured already:

  • Actuator
    • adds health check, jms, metrics, loggers, dependencies, ... endpoints
  • Spring-Boot Admin UI
    • really nice UI on top of Actuator to monitor spring boot applications. for instance can set different log levels at runtime, see health status of dependencies (e.g. database, hystrix, messaging queues), metrics, etc.
  • SwaggerUI
    • adds a generated living documentation of your api endpoints that will be always up-to-date, with "try out" functionality to make actual requests
  • deployment via Ansible
    • deploys the application into a vagrant box for testing behaviour - ready to only adjust hosts and ssh config to have a server ready deployment. including serverside installation of:
      • jdk
  • shell script for dependency update checks
    • check for maven property updates
    • check for maven plugin updates
    • check for maven dependency updates