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pimatic fritz plugin

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Fritz plugin enables connecting FritzDECT devices to pimatic automation server.

Devices supported are:

  • FritzBox (Guest WLAN configuration)
  • FritzDECT 200 outlet
  • CometDECT thermostat
  • both FritzDECT and CometDECT can also be used as temperature sensors
  • HAN FUN contact/alarm sensors

Plugin Configuration

You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include:

  "plugin": "fritz",
  "url": "http://fritz.box", // url of the FritzBox
  "user": "username", // FritzBox user
  "password": "password", // FritzBox password
  "interval": 60 // Polling interval for the FritzDECT switches

Device Configuration

Devices are linked to fritz plugin channels by specifying the class, middleware and ain properties:

"devices": [
  "id": "home-switch",
  "name": "Fritz outlet",
  "class": "FritzOutlet",
  "ain": "xxxxxxxxx"
  "id": "thermostat-1",
  "name": "Thermostat 1",
  "class": "FritzThermostat",
  "ain": "xxxxxxxxx"
  "id": "temp-1",
  "name": "TemperatureSensor 1",
  "class": "FritzTemperatureSensor",
  "ain": "xxxxxxxxx"
  "id": "contact-1",
  "name": "ContactSensor 1",
  "class": "FritzContactSensor",
  "ain": "xxxxxxxxx"
  "id": "guest-wlan",
  "name": "Guest WLAN",
  "class": "FritzWlan"


A list of available fritz switch and thermostat AINs will be logged to the pimatic console when the plugin is started.