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pimatic volkszaehler plugin

Volkszaehler plugin enables connecting the smart meter application to pimatic automation server.

Plugin Configuration

You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include:

	"plugin": "volkszaehler",
	"middleware": "", // url of the volkszaehler middleware
	"interval": 60 // Polling interval. Inherited from plugin if not defined.
	"mode": ["push", "pull"] // Update mode. Default is pull

The middleware url is needed to retrieve the volkszaehler installation's capabilities, especially the entity type definitions.

NOTE currently, volkszahler master branch does not contain the needed patches to push data to pimatic. Make sure that

"mode": "pull"

as long as you're running a Volkszaehler version with API version <= 0.3

Device Configuration

Devices are linked to volkszaehler channels by specifying the class, middleware and uuid properties:

"devices": [
	"id": "home-bezug",
	"name": "Kanal 1",
	"class": "Volkszaehler",
	"uuid": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx"
	// optional attributes - inherited from plugin if not defined
	"middleware": "", // Url of the device's middleware
	"mode": ["push", "pull"] // Update mode
	"interval": 60 // Polling interval if mode == pull

As middleware can be configured per device, multiple volkszaehler installations can be connected as long as their capabiltiies match. If middleware is not configured, it will be inherited from the plugin settings.


Volkszaehler plugin for pimatic automation server







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