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Warning: spawn EMFILE Use --force to continue. #14

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I am resizing a directory of 4000 images. I constantly get the following error:
"Warning: spawn EMFILE Use --force to continue."

I have tried the following tweaks to my system:

$ ulimit -n 10480
-bash: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted

$ launchctl limit maxfiles 4096 4096
- doesnt seem to take effect

I have even tried to change the dependency in this task on 'fs' to 'graceful-fs' .
after installing graceful-fs via npm:

 * grunt-imagemagick
  * Copyright (c) 2012 Arne Strout
  * Licensed under the MIT license.

 var grunt=require('grunt');
 //var fs=require('fs');
 var fs = require('graceful-fs');
 var path=require('path');

which had no effect either.

after three days of trying to get something automated for resizing all these images, I am completely lost.

I hope someone can shed some light on this problem

OS: OSX 10.9
node: v0.8.16
grunt: v0.4.1

my question on stack overflow:


Have you tried separating the 4000 images in to multiple sub-tasks?


Hi @johowie,

Are you still seeing this issue. Did you try separating in to multiple sub-tasks?

Please let me know if this is still a problem, otherwise I will close this issue with "won't fix".



Closing due to no response and no other users reporting the issue. Please re-open if this affects you.

@andismith andismith closed this
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