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Need to have GraphicsMagick installed #35

thomasmattheussen opened this Issue · 4 comments

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First off: great plugin :) thanks

Had some issue setting it up though...

I had ImageMagick already installed on my machine, so I set "engine": "im" being under the impression that I didn't need to have GraphicsMagick installed.
But I got this error: "Please ensure ImageMagick is installed correctly" untill I ALSO installed GraphicsMagick.

The documentation says "You need to install EITHER GraphicsMagick OR Imagemagick CLI tools".

Anyway, working great now ;)


Hmm, ok. I'll take a look at this. Thanks for reporting!


Hello, I've fixed this in a pull request #36

@andismith andismith added the bug label

Version 0.1.2 contains this fix.

@andismith andismith closed this

@andismith hmmm that's odd i've pulled a grunt project onto my machine with grunt responsive images as dependency. i haven't had the need for installing imagemagick nor graphicsmagick so far . i am running grunt 0.4.5 as well as grunt responsive images 0.1.6 . i've installed the latest imagemagick version afterwards since the gruntfile listed imagemagick as engine. when i ran grunt i got:

Running "responsive_images:logos" (responsive_images) task
>> spawn gm ENOENT
Please ensure ImageMagick is installed correctly.
`brew install imagemagick` or see for more details.
Alternatively, set options.engine to 'gm' to use GraphicsMagick.
 Use --force to continue.

after that i've installed graphicsmagick too. as soon as the second formula was installed the grunt task worked. so it seems the previous fix is broken again :/

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