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+test checkout
Our quest for global domination has prompted us to open a supermarket – we sell only three products:
Product code Name Price
@@ -24,12 +27,20 @@ Price =
Implement a checkout system that fulfils these requirements in Ruby.
Test Data
Basket: FR1, SR1, FR1, CF1
-Total price expected: £1934 (not:£22.25)
+Total price expected: £19.34
+_AS Note: original test data expected £22.25, but with PR above I expect 3.11+3.11+5+11.23-3.11 = 11.34_
Basket: FR1, FR1
Total price expected: £3.11
Basket: SR1, SR1, FR1, SR1
-Total price expected: £16.61
+Total price expected: £16.61
+Next steps / limitations
+* the system wont cope well if there are multiple pricing rules for the same product.
+* more flexibility for the pricing rule could be achieved. This would including moving the PR logic to PR class.
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