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AIOMFAC-web, Public Model Code Repository

This public repository provides the AIOMFAC model Fortran code (AIOMFAC-web, version 2.20 or newer) and additional information about building and running the model on your own system. May it be of use to you.


All files presented here are covered under the GNU GPL license v3.0. For more information, please read the license file. A brief overview of the viable permissions can be found here:


AIOMFAC stands for Aerosol Inorganic–Organic Mixtures Functional groups Activity Coefficients, it is a thermodynamic group-contribution model to describe non-ideal mixing in liquid solutions. If you are unfamiliar with the purpose and applications of AIOMFAC, please visit the AIOMFAC website for more information.

AIOMFAC-web model versions and related code and feature updates

Information associated with specific model versions, including comments on major AIOMFAC-web changes and new features, are provided on the page accompanying that release; see under releases.

Applications, Modifications and Citation

If you use any of our AIOMFAC code in your own projects / code, following the GNU license restrictions, we would appreciate hearing about it. In scientific or other publications, we also request that you reference the main peer-reviewed publications which describe the theoretical underpinning of the AIOMFAC model and its parameterizations, as described in more detail on the AIOMFAC website: