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Math::BigInt without GMP takes loooooong to compute this test. I
never reached an end because I usually give up after 30 minutes.
Only if Math::BigInt::GMP is installed, this test is computed in a
second. Last time verified with Crypt-DH-0.06 and Math::BigInt 1.89.
With MBI 1.89 and MBI::FastCalc 0.19 on my several years old k7 box
I see 18/21 tests after 5 minutes completed, after that stand still.
An RT bugreport says there was no progress after three hours in test
15 on his much older laptop.
The dependency below could just as well be Math::BigInt::Pari.
BTW, I also wrote a ticket on a test bug:
distribution: "^BTROTT/Crypt-DH-"
Math::BigInt::GMP: 1.23