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Added XML::LibXML to satisfy XML::Validator::Schema and maybe others
later. XML::SAX would accept to be installed without parser, do not
know why. Update 2008-11-10 got circular dependency between LibXML
and SAX:-(, had to remove that again, trying with single requires
(instead of configure_requires) now. Update 2008-11-12 no, not
working wiht "requires" either, it's a real circular dependency to
specify XML::LibXML here.
Introduced eexpect after seeing that the question is not asked when
we are called very early, like on 20081105T0337
distribution: '^GRANTM/XML-SAX-\d'
mode: anyorder
timeout: 10
reuse: 0
- "Do you want XML::SAX to alter ParserDetails.ini"
- "y\n"