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start making 03modlist empty #37

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Just for now

@@ -1074,53 +1074,25 @@ sub rewrite03 {
$self->verbose(1,"No 03modlists exist; won't try to read it");
my $date = HTTP::Date::time2str();
my $dbh = $self->connect;
my $sth = $dbh->prepare(qq{SELECT modid, statd, stats, statl,
stati, statp, description, userid, chapterid
FROM mods WHERE mlstatus = "list"
ORDER BY modid});
my $cols = $sth->{NAME};
my $data = $self->as_ds($sth);
my $header = sprintf qq{File:
Description: These are the data that are published in the module
list, but they may be more recent than the latest posted
modulelist. Over time we\'ll make sure that these data
can be used to print the whole part two of the
modulelist. Currently this is not the case.
Description: This was once the "registered module list" but has been retired.
No replacement is planned.
Modcount: %d
Written-By: %s
Date: %s
}, 0+@$data, $PAUSE::Id, $date;
}, 0, $PAUSE::Id, $date;
$list = qq{
package CPAN::Modulelist;
# Usage: print Data::Dumper->new([CPAN::Modulelist->data])->Dump or similar
# cannot 'use strict', because we normally run under Safe
# use strict;
sub data {
my \$result = {};
my \$primary = "modid";
for (\@\$CPAN::Modulelist::data){
my %hash;
\@hash{\@\$CPAN::Modulelist::cols} = \@\$_;
\$result->{\$hash{\$primary}} = \\%hash;
return {};
$list .= Data::Dumper->new([
$list =~ s/^\s+//gm;
@@ -153,6 +153,12 @@ subtest "first indexing" => sub {
"our indexer indexed",
->file(qw(cpan modules,
"our indexer indexed",
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