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Pausehack -- apply *after* or *instead of* rjbs' pull request #6

merged 51 commits into from Aug 16, 2011

4 participants


This adds a couple commits. One removes the need for sqlite3 which crept into tests. The other fixes the long dormant $Id variable.

xdg and others added some commits Aug 13, 2011
@xdg xdg Create SQLite schemas based on MySQL schemas 4a12213
@rjbs rjbs use YAML::XS, not YAML::Syck 1112480
@rjbs rjbs do not use NOW() -- it precludes SQLite cbf12e3
@xdg xdg Add PID_DIR config option 9e0d81c
@rjbs rjbs add a min file count option 0773671
@rjbs rjbs avoid another mysql function d6c39c2
@rjbs rjbs put these methods in PAUSE to avoid package issues
I wish we did not have so many packages in each file!
@xdg xdg README note missing gpg key details ff5fee1
@xdg xdg Add ML_CHOWN_USER config option 6154138
@xdg xdg add ML_MAILER option cbae2c9
@xdg xdg Sort PAUSE config hash f58956a
@rjbs rjbs make 02packages min lines option 79744cb
@xdg xdg Add ML_CHOWN_GROUP config option bd4e101
@xdg xdg Use db-specific handle to find email addresses af2b397
@rjbs rjbs minor syntactic changes to improve synhi in vim 5796bae
@rjbs rjbs remove unused prototypes 7c5093b
@rjbs rjbs do not re-use db connections
The code assumes that both databases live on one server, which is
not a safe assumption.  Then the passed-in connection must be for the
mod table, but is used for authen, too.  We now remove
that option, and will have a shared DB manager later.
@rjbs rjbs eliminate hard tabs bebaaea
@rjbs rjbs rename the work and work2 methods more descriptively 5e73d17
@rjbs rjbs more qq{} conversion for vim's sake a5102f6
@xdg xdg ensure newlines on logging eba6a30
@xdg xdg Split CHECKSUMS_SIGNING_PROGRAM into program/args
New config option CHECKSUM_SIGNING_ARGS added.  IPC::Cmd added
as a prerequisite.

If the signing program isn't available, don't try to sign checksums.

Putting in a fake signing program gives an easy way to disable signing
for testing without ANDK's actual key.

(Longer term, need to break up the arguments as well and check those.)
@rjbs rjbs rename badly-named mldistwatch test b20754a
@rjbs rjbs use File::Which to find tar and unzip programs
otherwise we need more config, which I would rather avoid for now
(see, my Mac on which I am testing does not put these programs in
the places expected, I guess; it uses /usr/bin/tar)
@rjbs rjbs give a clearer error when 02package cannot be opened
(i.e., include the exact path being opened and the error)
@rjbs rjbs simple-but-useful test that mldistwatch actually works
...including the import of a fakecpan from
@rjbs rjbs make testpause return an inspectable results obj 7e06c41
@rjbs rjbs new option to suppress trying to use gpg c4aa720
@rjbs rjbs more coping with gzip not being where or what expected e9f848f
@rjbs rjbs give test results access to index dbs
...and use it
@rjbs rjbs give clearer errors when skipping ! -f files to rewrote 5c8b135
@rjbs rjbs add parsed 02packages data to pause tester results
...and use it
@xdg xdg Mega cleanup of log messages
These edits are mostly for consistency, e.g. upper case, no extraneous
starting newlines, some sort of descriptive intro, etc.
@rjbs rjbs put a chdir guard in the reindex tester 6422a60
@rjbs rjbs give the method a clearer name: test_reindex 4c58c5b
@xdg xdg Cleanup insert logging 7a6fb84
@xdg xdg Break out PAUSE::dist and PAUSE::mldistwatch::Constants 0d3be4a
@rjbs rjbs replace global fh with lexical fh 3895ded
@rjbs rjbs trivial whitespace cleanup to avoid long lines f2a01d0
@rjbs rjbs make t/pmfile.t pass again after logging tweaks d9e1af5
@xdg xdg Extract more mldistwatch::Constants 5db3e9c
@xdg xdg Extract PAUSE::pmfile 0803244
@xdg xdg Fix test for skipping message c91a576
@xdg xdg use Test::Deep cmp_deeply throughout 3c57cff
@xdg xdg Extracted PAUSE::package ad735c0
@rjbs rjbs convert mail-sending to use Email::Sender
this means (a) we can use Email::MIME, so later ::Kit but for now,
more importantly, it means that (b) we can *test* the mail we send
@xdg xdg cleanup 'package' statements in PAUSE::mldistwatch b959d40
@rjbs rjbs add new prereqs 853ca02
@xdg xdg Add DB_File to Makefile.PL 07a162d
@xdg xdg Remove need for sqlite3
Uses DBIx::RunSQL instead to create tables for testing.
@xdg xdg Fix $Id variable
It used to be an SVN identifier.  This commit makes it a string
based on PAUSE $VERSION instead.
@andk andk merged commit b903f9a into andk:master Aug 16, 2011
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