rewrite indexes after a new upload enters PAUSE #8

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Commits on Sep 3, 2011
  1. @monken

    rewrite indexes after a new upload enters PAUSE

    monken committed Sep 3, 2011
      the main motivation behind this is metacpan. It relies on
      the 02package.details.txt file to provide which modules are
      considered 'latest'. Currently, the generation of this file
      lags behind because it's generated once an hour. This patch
      will regenerate this file (and others) with every upload to
      pause. This has benefits for the whole cpan toolchain as well.
      Command line tools like `cpan` will be able to install versions
      of recently uploaded releases immediately (after getting the
      up-to-date 02packages file).
      I'm aware of the fact that this will put some additional load
      on the box and requires more bandwidth for rrr mirrors. But
      considering the pro and cons, I think it's worth it.