A Linux CPU temperature terminal monitor with history charts.
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i7tt - CPU Temperature CLI Monitor Build Status


i7tt is a simple utility to show the current CPU temperature(s) and a historical average in the terminal. It uses the Linux sysfs interface of the coretemp driver, thus it should support most Intel processors produced after 2005.

i7tt screenshot

i7tt stands for i7 terminal temperature.


To run from source:

$ git clone https://github.com/andmarios/i7tt
$ cd i7tt
$ go get -u
$ go run i7tt.go

You may download a precompiled binary for x86_64. For Gentoo users there is an ebuild available.

If you have set your go correctly, you can install it easily:

$ go get -u github.com/andmarios/i7tt
$ i7tt

You may set the average period length (default 30 seconds):

$ i7tt -a 5


i7tt should work nicely with any color scheme with a dark background.

Barchart's color are:

  • Green: All sensors report a temperature < max temperature - 25°C.
  • Yellow: All sensors report a temperature lower than their reported max temperature and at least one sensor reports a sensor >= max temperature - 25°C.
  • Red: At least one sensor reports a temperature > max temperature.

Max temperature for each sensor is read from sysfs.


Since the sysfs interface of hwmon devices is standard, it should be easy to add other temperature sensors that expose their information to sysfs via tweaking the regular expressions that detect the sysfs files. Have a look to the Linux kernel hwmon documentation.

Unfortunately I haven't any other hardware to test.