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+This is little bug that appears when using EGOHTTPRequest and EGOImageView together.
+Download and run the application in the iPhone simulator. You will see a window with two
+EGOImageView and two buttons conveniently labeled "buggy" and "not buggy".
+Click the "not buggy" button. This will send the setImageURL: method to one of the EGOImageViews.
+The result is that that EGOImageView correctly shows the image.
+Click the "buggy" button. This will initiate an asynchronous HTTP request to
+using the EGOHTTPRequest class. We set the delegate of this class so we can be notified when the request
+is finished. When this happens, the method requestDidFinish: will be called. In this method we call
+the setImageURL: method in the other EGOImageView. The result is that this EGOImageView never shows
+the image although it should.

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