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¿Cómo vamos?

¿Cómo vamos? is an application to keep track of solved problems by different users on online programming judges.

Brief installation

  • git clone the project.
  • Edit the config/database.yml as appropiated.
  • Edit the SMTP server configuration in config/environment.rb
  • rake db:migrate the database.
  • Start the server. That’s it!

Deployment to an online server using Apache

  • Access the server using ssh
  • git clone the project into a non-public folder
  • Make sure the shebangs of files public/dispatch.cgi, public/dispatch.fcgi and public/dispatch.rb are correct.
  • Edit the SMTP configuration in config/environment.rb
  • Change the environment into production:
    • Run rake environment RAILS_ENV=production
    • Uncomment the line ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] ||= ‘production’ in config/environment.rb
  • Create the production database using phpMyAdmin or whatever.
  • Edit the production section in config/database.yml as appropiated.
  • Migrate the database by running rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  • Make sure there is a .htaccess inside public/ This file should redirect petitions into the cgi dispatcher (A default .htaccess is included).
  • Make a symbolic link into public/ that is accessible from the net, for example, ln -sf ~/como_vamos/public ~/www/como_vamos
  • That’s it! Point your browswer to to the symbolic link created on the previous step.

Live demo

This application is runing on