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Homework for my Computer Graphics course.
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Computer Graphics Challenges - ST0275

These are the challenges assigned as homework in my Computer Graphics course at EAFIT University.

Challenge 1 - Bresenham's algorithm

Bresenham's algorithm

Challenge 2 - Cohen-Sutherland algorithm

Generate random line segments and use a rectangle clipping algorithm to show the parts of the lines that are inside the rectangle in a different color.

Bresenham's algorithm

Challenge 3 - Robotic Arm in Java3D

Create a robotic arm in Java3D with 3 articulations: shoulder, elbow and wrist.

Screenshot 1

Challenge 4 - Robotic Arm in OpenGL

Like challenge 3, but in OpenGL. Additionally, add functionality to move the camera.

Screenshot 1

See the video demo on YouTube.

Challenge 5 - 3D Bézier surfaces

Render a Bézier surface based on some control points that are to be read from a text file.


Challenge 6 - Robotic Arm in OpenGL with lighting

Like challenge 4, but add lighting to the scene.

Screenshot 1

Challenge 6 - Robotic Arm in OpenGL with textures

Like challenge 6, but add textures.

Screenshot 1

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